C is for Colour


So yesterday I blogged about our second day in Venice and about our boat ride to Burano, one of the two main Islands you can catch a water bus to for around 7 euros each. I feel like Burano was wasted on my lack of photography skills, but regardless it was somewhere that seems a little bit like a dream now that we are back home.

There was colour around every corner on this little island covered in canals. The windowsills were a practice in the beauty of contrast, its leaning tower pops up over terracotta roofs, and the people found us awe-struck tourists rather amusing.

So if you are ever in Venice, take a few hours to get out to Burano and soak up all the colour.



One thought on “C is for Colour

  1. Your pictures are stunning. I wish I’d been able to see this place for myself. I only went to Rome and that was all that I did because I expected to be able to go back and see more. Hopefully, one day I’ll return because there’s still so much to see and I’d even go back to Rome to do a few more thing’s. We went over Easter so the Sistine Chapel was closed and we didn’t venture outside of the city. I absolutely loved it.

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