D is for Ducklings

So you probably thought I forgot about you… Not really, I have just being procrastinating blogging like it was the hardest thing in the world. We have been home for a week and a half and in that time I have shamefully avoided blogging like the plague. Partly because it was so time and energy consuming adjusting back to normal, crazy, chaotic life but more so because thinking back to our trip makes life at the moment seem that much more unexciting. And i miss our travels like a hole in the heart at the moment. But I can’t just leave us hanging in the middle of Europe, and worse, I can’t leave this blog without telling you all about my FAVOURITE bit so far. So please accept my apologies for abandoning this blog for so long. Today we return to Europe, on the day that we left Prague on a morning train to Vienna where we were giving the city one meagre day to impress. 

Leaving Prague was hard, but at this point I had learnt that it was hard to leave most of these amazing cities. Each one deserved far more time than I had to give, and each one left me wanting more. Vienna had the worst deal of all, with only an afternoon to get to know the old centre of the city. The train ride was spectacular. With a combination of amazing Czech rugged landscape and incredible huge Austrian mountains I could hardly draw my eyes away from the window. We arrived in the city and caught the metro to our accommodation which was located a handy 5 minute walk from the old imperial city centre. With no time to waste we headed straight into the world heritage central streets. We wandered the long way in, through a beautiful large park that was home to numerous sculptures, groups of people enjoying the afternoon sunshine and a clan of 15 ducklings that almost made me jump into the dubious looking pond just to get a cuddle. It was nice, but we have seen a lot of parks and it wasn’t quite as pristine and beautiful as some of the others. 

The central, pedestrian street led us through a busy thoroughfare of historic buildings housing expensive shops and street performers smiling at the huge number of tourists milling by. It was not as impressive as Prague, too busy and too expensive for my cheap, slightly anti-social socks. But it was still good, I think we were just getting more judgemental as we added to our experience of amazing cities. We stopped in at a large church or two, both impressive and a welcome relief from the busy streets and bright sunshine. We wandered down side streets, tried to avoid accidentally walking into all of the horse carriages and people dressed up like Mozart, saw children running after giant bubbles with big smiles on their faces and watched a street artist create amazing things with spray paint. It was fun and entertaining but my overall thought after leaving Vienna was that the city has so much more to offer that we didn’t get to see. 

We found a late dinner at a cool new Italian place (‘cause Vienese sausages weren’t quite the right meal for us and I was too tired to try and search for anything else that was authentic) where you went up and ordered directly from the chef, who then proceeded to cook your pasta and make your spicy arrabiata sauce as you watch. It was fun, but more importantly it was delicious. We made our home, back through the park which had become my favourite part of the city centre, and settled in for an early night, drunk randoms and all. An 8 hour train at 6 am awaited us…but our next destination was quite possibly our favourite city of all so I think it was worth it.

It wasn’t the most impressive or exciting city, but it was a good pitstop on our way south and now I know that I would definitely return to Austria (granted, I want to go back to 80% of where we have been so far).

I promise that my next post will not be in two weeks 😛


Ducklings are cute in any country


Park Life


Pretty sure there are 15 ducklings there.


1 candle per prayer


A church that was so simple on the outside but completely ornate on the inside


Creepy baby pews


Train views




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