A is for Adventure


So some of you may follow my other blog (which has been a bit abandoned lately) but with the beginning of a two month long adventure starting tomorrow I wanted to create a second blog, one that will be like a travel journal. Except its like a travel journal where everyone is going to notice my spelling mistakes and bad grammar and judge me on my boring thoughts. Why did I think this was a good idea again? Well not all of us can go on two month holidays (cue condescending laugh). But really, I loved reading my friends travel blog and thought it would be a fun way to keep memories and share the experience with my friends and family (and whoever else wants to come along for the ride).

Oh and have I mentioned I am petrified. Well I am.  Luckily it is not just me travelling but my ever so reliable husband is coming along too. If it was just me I would probably lose my wits at the airport, miss my flight while I self medicate with doughnuts and just come straight home. Hopefully, together we get a little further than the check in (safety/sanity in numbers, yay!)

Anyway, all the excitement is giving me a migraine (off to a great start -.-) so I’m going to pop some panadol and go try and organize the ridiculous amount of crap that I can’t seem to live without.



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